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Sick of going to the tip? Palm fronds all over the yard? Grass clippings building up? Don’t want an unappealing garden bag and rusty frame at your house? Are you a landlord wanting your property kept tidy?

An EnviroBin is a convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way of keeping your yard free of palm fronds, grass clippings, branches, leaves and other green waste.

Choosing an EnviroBin to keep your yard looking wonderful every day is as easy as contacting us now. With a regular fortnightly collection it couldn’t be easier!

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Book today and have your EnviroBin delivered ready to use immediately


Fill up your 240 litre bin, with your everyday garden green waste


Wheel your EnviroBin to the kerbside for collection each fortnight


0439 100 277

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0439 100 277


Choose your bin size

Collections are made every fortnight. We will provide you with a schedule that will confirm your collection day.

If a collection isn’t needed for a fortnight, simply text or email the day before to cancel that collection and there is no charge!



$14 per collection

This 240 litre bin is the same size you have at home for recycling and normal waste


$143 for 6 months

This HUGE 240 litre bin will keep you going if you’ve got a larger garden

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I have an EnviroBin at my house?

Our clients love having a green waste wheelie bin solution so we will organise prompt delivery so you can get started. All you need to do is text us on 0439 100 277 or email – and we will deliver your EnviroBin as soon as possible.

What if my bin or bag gets damaged?

Wheelie bins and garden bags Remain the property of EnviroBins Cairns. If your bin or bag is in good operable condition free of graffiti, stickers, damage etc. there will be no charge on return. If they are damaged beyond normal wear and tear a replacement cost will be incurred by the customer.

What can I put in my EnviroBin?

It’s quite simple really, all of your general green waste from your yard including grass clippings, branches, leaves and palm fronds can go into your green waste wheelie bin. To make the most of your EnviroBin, chop up your palm fronds to give you more room for the other bits.

Things that can’t go in your EnviroBin: large logs, dirt/soil, plastic of any kind, bricks, rocks, building material, large tree stumps, car parts, food, perishables, dead animals, bark chips, glass, compost, kitty litter, dog droppings, human excrement – no sanitary napkins, nappies or liners.

Please do not overload the bin, bins over 100kg can not be lifted.

Are there any other charges?

No, you only pay for the collections that you have. Note: An initial delivery fee of $15 for your EnviroBin will be added to your first invoice.

Can EnviroBins be set up at unit complexes?

Yes, if you are a tenant and have somewhere to keep your EnviroBin and put it out
each fortnight then getting started with an EnviroBin is no problem.

EnviroBins are also available for body corporates to set up at unit complexes.
EnviroBins are a neat and tidy green waste solution, that can be wheeled out of
site, or to common waste storage areas – no unappealing garden bags or sacks.
Just let us know how many you need and we will work out a solution to suit your

Do you offer green waste bags as well as green waste bins?

In the very beginning, our company started out offering green waste bags and green waste sacks. We soon realised that our customers preferred a wheelie bin green waste solution to the rigid and sometimes unattractive green bags. Green waste wheelie bins are portable – wheel it around while you trim and prune your garden, can be stored out of sight – no more unattractive green bags and green sacks, and conveniently wheeled to the kerbside for your scheduled green waste collection.

I have a big yard, I think I might need more than one EnviroBin, is that ok?

Of course, just let us know and we can arrange an extra green waste wheelie bin to be delivered.

What if I don’t need a collection for the fortnight?

No problem, just let us know prior to 4pm the day before your scheduled collection and we will put a hold on your pick up until your next scheduled collection. It is important to let us know as if notice isn’t received we will attend your house for collection and you will be invoiced. As we are a small business it is not economical for us to attend for non collections.
You can skip a pick up only if you have a 240L wheelie bin. No Skipping for 360L wheelie bins sorry.

Am I locked into a contract for a set time?

No, there are no contract periods, just phone us in advance to advise if you wish to cancel your collections.

I’m moving house, can I take my EnviroBin with me and continue having it collected?

Yes, most definitely. Just let us know in advance and we will change your collections from the date you advise to your new address.

I’m a landlord & would like an EnviroBin set up at my property for my tenants to use, is this ok?

Of course! A green waste wheelie bin is a very convenient solution for your tenants and avoids using unattractive green waste bins and garden sacks that aren’t portable and will detract from your investment Contact EnviroBins to get your service started. Chances are you will also be able to claim it back at tax time!

When do I put my EnviroBin out?

Please refer to the Collection Dates schedule for your area – your bin needs to be out on the kerbside (where you would normally put your general garbage wheelie bin) on the morning of your collection day. Please make sure it is out nice and early as collections can be as early as 6am. Obviously it makes sense to put it out ready the night before your collection.